What Role Does A Data Engineer Play

In the past couple of years, data and the fields related to it have experienced a huge change. Now more and more people are focused on the management and processing of data for sure. Hence, there is a constant need to have professionals that can help with that. This is where the data engineers came to the spotlight.

The data engineers are basically responsible for laying down the entire foundation of the architecture and the basis for the information that is collected. There is a wide range of requirements that these data engineers cater too and we have no doubt that there are amazing techniques that they have up their sleeves.

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Apart from that, the implementation of the techniques and the creation of a proper database is done by a data engineer.

The maintenance and management of the database are also done by the data engineer. So, it can be said without a speck of doubt that the role of a engineer is a really important one.

The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Data Engineer
Here we are going to mention some of the common responsibilities and the roles that a data engineer has. So, you need to make sure that you are paying attention if you want to pursue a career in data engineering.

1. Data Architecture Work

A data engineer would be using a proper and systematic approach to the planning, creation, and maintenance of information while ensuring the alignment of it with different needs and requirements of the businesses and the companies.

2. Conducting Research

Another one of the main jobs of a data engineer is to ensure that they have conducted proper research within the entire industry to find out the businesses related problems that can be solved with more analyzed data.

3. Collection Of Data

This is actually before the initiation of any work in the database. The data engineer would help in the collection of information from different sources in the best way. After actually formulating some of the best processes of data accumulation, the engineers use such processes in order to collect information in the best way without any trouble or hassle.

4. Skills Improvement

The data engineers don’t really just use the database concepts in order to do the jobs. They also need to ensure that they have enough skills in order to work in any environment in the best way. So, having some knowledge about programming and machine learning can be a really great help in such cases.

5. Automation of Tasks

It is also the responsibility of a data engineer to ensure that they are able to make certain tasks automated so that the job of a human mind can be decreased with time. This can definitely help in making sure that most systems are easily able to store and process information without human interference.

Incoming days, many jobs are coming in the field of datascience. And in this field “data engineer” is one of the key role. Thus, whoever wants to enter into this field as a fresher then can kick start as ‘data engineer’. There are many training institutes in every city, providing data science courses. All you need to see the what kind of syllabus they are providing? Syllabus was aligned with industry standards or not? Once you have shortlisted institute, Just join for training and get certify or expert to get into datascience field.

Top Method to Increase Your Chances of Employment After Graduation

Due to competitive environment employability in today’s world depends a lot on skills as compared to degrees. We always focus on to get degrees with good grades, but looking towards the present job scenario we should work to enhance our skills in order to increase the chances of employment along with our graduation. Positive side is that human beings have the ability to improve their skills by following certain habits and practice. We can find some of the options which can help us to figure out exactly what are the essential skills we require for our future career.

1. Fix your future goal first

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Always be serious to your future goals as they will decide your future endeavors. Once you have started your graduation you are in pretty good condition to think over you career.You have already decided the path, it’s time to decide your destination too. Your goals should be real in nature, on which you can work.

2. Hard work pays

It sounds monotonous, but has a lot of meaning in it. Hard work can be judged through your performance which in turn reflects from your body language. It boosts your confidence, motivates you to work in positive direction. It also helps to plan your dreams in better way. Also it makes a good impression on you faculty, family and friends which in turn makes them to become your support system in your journey.

3. Strengthen your second language

Language is your basic skill to present yourself, your thought, idea and feeling through languages. Make sure you are presentable. One should be well versed in the language he is using along with the language he is supposed to use as corporate language. English though studied as second language is very useful in job sectors especially in multinational companies.

4. Learn supporting skills

This is an era of specialization, one must find out the best prospect according to his subject. You need to learn those supporting skills to make yourself different from others. For the same you can join related VAC courses or diploma courses apart from your course curriculum.

5. Secure all possible work experience while studying

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Gaining work experience during your free time such as your winter vacation, summer vacation, summer internship etc .Such work will increase your work efficiency. From such experiences you can figure out the ground realities away from your book. These experiences will also act as highlights in your CV.

6. Discuss your views on current affairs in your group

Along with the subject knowledge one should be aware of the recent happenings in the world in order to be employable .For the same we should discuss things in our group which are trending around us. This is the best exercise to remain updated on current affairs which enhances your skills and employability. It also develops confidence to put your views and ideas in front of group of peoples. This skill will help you at the time of GD exercises during campus process.

Data Analytics to Now Help In the Field Of Security

With the growing application of the field of data science in various verticals across the industry, there is no doubt in the fact that any stone would be left unturned. This is very true especially in the context of India’s strategic policy of security. This comes right after the recent news that CISF which is also known as the Central Industrial Security Force, which happens to be a national agency has announced that there is a need to secure all of the important assets especially when it comes to evidence, which is why they have come up with a novel idea of creating a ‘media lab’ as well as a social media monitoring room at its base near Chennai.

Now what is interesting is the way this is going to be achieved. Precisely through the use of social media directly. There are numerous social media trends that will be followed and tracked and then the data analytics professionals with analyse them and process the same in order to ensure as well as monitor the security of our country’s most vital assets both physical in nature like the airports, the nuclear reactors and aerospace installations as well as virtual in nature like confidential data stored in the cloud.

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This media lab is supposed to be created basically for the purpose of usage by the Pattern Research for Institutional Social Media (PRISM) analytics at the Chennai base of CISF. This whole project will include a team of trained professionals who are basically CISF agents. These officers would be trained in order to learn how to track social media trends, the various news and snippets available online and offline, reports and various other indicators across various platforms in order to collate them and help dish them out as pieces of vital information. These would then be referred to as pieces of “actionable intelligence” to various places of transit like airports and so on.

The paramilitary forces will also be roped in this exercise and there will be various platforms that will function as their sources. These platforms would range from websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr and so on in order to keep a check on any such activity that guarantees some sort of suspicion. The Director General of CISF, Mr. OP Singh said, “WE are doing this on an experimental basis. The PRISM control room is based in the southern part of the country as we have a sizable number of units that have armed security cover in that part. Based on the experiences this smart center will be further bolstered. There will be a special team of our men who will be keeping a track of social media trends in order to keep all of their physical assets safe and sound from any injury.”

The success of this experiment would ensure that the security of our country will get a huge boost and thus at the same students will want to train more in the field of data analytics through institutes like Imarticus Learning.