Selecting Tuition Teachers, Learn How to Select The Best

Tutoring relates to giving focused attention such that it empowers the tutor and the student in a way that is highly impossible in a classroom. This also addresses the student strengths and their weaknesses, besides promotes motivation and builds self-confidence that students attain full potential.

How to select a best tutor

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There is a need to be certain about what you wish to have in a private tutor before hiring one. Here are few points that can be useful and help in getting a tutor for the long haul.


A tutor should have certification in the subjects she chooses to teach at least to 1 level higher than that she is teaching. This gives the tutor a chance to impart proper study strategies and shortcuts in handling the subject matter. You may ensure the tutors add value to the process of learning and it is best if your tutor is related in this profession and is into teaching the same subjects. Remember, a tutor into the profession of accounting may not be good with maths. This is because accounting is mathematical by nature, but has no complex concepts of maths higher level.


The tutor you engage should not be locked by her own commitments of study as this may disturb your tuition time. Undergraduate tutors have programs as study exchange and it means they leave for 3-6 months a country. While, others plan 1-2 months long holiday after teaching few lessons. Look for a tutor offering the availability commitment for 6-12 months period.


Verify teaching and academic qualifications of the tutor to check if it is as stated. Honest tutors show their certificates in the first session. Tutors having verified badges on their profile are Ace Tutors and confirm certificates validity. The Ace Tutors must furnish on the first lesson their paper qualifications.

Cost vs. Quality & Commitment

The tutor hiring cost should be balanced against the tutor against their commitment and quality. However, finding cheapest tutor is not a huge bargain. This is because some tutors may charge low prices for their students out of compassion, while some for the teaching passion. Such teachers stay highly dedicated and committed to teaching. High tuition fee also does not mean supreme quality tuition or commitment. The tutors quote reasons for high prices, these can be assesses by their academic credentials, previous teaching experience, teaching credentials and wage expectations.


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Differentiating tutors is possible as tutors featuring passion to high levels teach even after the scheduled tutoring time. They deliver lessons with enthusiasm, plan their lessons and also teach even unmotivated students introducing educational games so that even students playing are drawn to them and without fail reward students with surprises or sweets. They prepare notes, special sets, plan academic goals and guide their students in accomplishing them.


Good experience is a must for a tutor as only then they can spot problems exactly and offer effective remedy. Assessing tutors is crucial and choosing a tutor having vast experience helps. Yet, parents must directly communicate with tutors and settle for the tutor most suitable for your candidate.

Top Method to Increase Your Chances of Employment After Graduation

Due to competitive environment employability in today’s world depends a lot on skills as compared to degrees. We always focus on to get degrees with good grades, but looking towards the present job scenario we should work to enhance our skills in order to increase the chances of employment along with our graduation. Positive side is that human beings have the ability to improve their skills by following certain habits and practice. We can find some of the options which can help us to figure out exactly what are the essential skills we require for our future career.

1. Fix your future goal first

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Always be serious to your future goals as they will decide your future endeavors. Once you have started your graduation you are in pretty good condition to think over you career.You have already decided the path, it’s time to decide your destination too. Your goals should be real in nature, on which you can work.

2. Hard work pays

It sounds monotonous, but has a lot of meaning in it. Hard work can be judged through your performance which in turn reflects from your body language. It boosts your confidence, motivates you to work in positive direction. It also helps to plan your dreams in better way. Also it makes a good impression on you faculty, family and friends which in turn makes them to become your support system in your journey.

3. Strengthen your second language

Language is your basic skill to present yourself, your thought, idea and feeling through languages. Make sure you are presentable. One should be well versed in the language he is using along with the language he is supposed to use as corporate language. English though studied as second language is very useful in job sectors especially in multinational companies.

4. Learn supporting skills

This is an era of specialization, one must find out the best prospect according to his subject. You need to learn those supporting skills to make yourself different from others. For the same you can join related VAC courses or diploma courses apart from your course curriculum.

5. Secure all possible work experience while studying

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Gaining work experience during your free time such as your winter vacation, summer vacation, summer internship etc .Such work will increase your work efficiency. From such experiences you can figure out the ground realities away from your book. These experiences will also act as highlights in your CV.

6. Discuss your views on current affairs in your group

Along with the subject knowledge one should be aware of the recent happenings in the world in order to be employable .For the same we should discuss things in our group which are trending around us. This is the best exercise to remain updated on current affairs which enhances your skills and employability. It also develops confidence to put your views and ideas in front of group of peoples. This skill will help you at the time of GD exercises during campus process.

How to Crack JEE Exam

Here tips to clear JEE Exam.

Time Management

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Time Management play a very important role in any preparation. You have to decide which subject is stronger and weaker according to that you have to divide time slots for the respective subject. Without Time management no magic is going to help you in achieve your goal.

Prepare a Time Schedule and Plan

For preparing JEE you should make a plan and time schedule for the preparation of exam and follow that plan. In starting make weekly plan and then make long term plan. You have to prepare plan such that it defines your priorities. In between your study you cannot skip your food, classes, and seminars. Keep your notes with yourself so that whenever you get free time you can read or revise the things.

Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before start preparation you should research about syllabus and exam pattern of JEE

Exam pattern for online and offline JEE Main Exam

Objective Question with Multiple choices – 4 marks for correct answer, -1 mark for wrong answer.
Equal weightage to all subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Math
Total time duration – 3Hours
Focus on concepts

For any competitive exam it’s very important that your subject concept should be clear, for this you can take help from study material and lecture notes. Self-Study is the most important aspect of any competitive exam, so focus on the self study. Group study is also an effective way to study and clear your doubt.

Solve previous year question

Solve more and more previous year question paper so that your concept will be clear. Always remember that the concept of question is same, if the difference is that is in values.

Practice Test series

“Practice makes a man perfect” so practice test series. There are lots of online test series are available, But don’t practice blindly, you have to practice those problem which test your concept in challenging way. Practice daily is very important for your preparation.

Monitor your Day

When you finish your day at the end take a revise of your whole day that what you did and what’s remain. To analyze your day you can ask some question with yourself like

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Where did you spend your time most like study, play, watching movie etc.
Did you achieve your plan for the day
If not, then how can you pluck your timing to study more effectively
How can you scheduled your tomorrow plan that shortcoming will not happen
Health is Wealth

Health is very important factor in any preparation; if you are not well then it will harm your preparation. So eat properly, get proper sleep. Don’t go to bed right after having dinner.