Does Certification Matter?

Does certification matter?

IT certification is a hot topic. While industries continues to invest in it as a way to validate an employee’s capabilities and skill set — and while they are often associated with increase in salaries – they are expensive and time-consuming and to complete.

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According to a new analysis, an IT learning and training service companies, explored the value of certifications in its 2017 Skills and Salary Report. How do your experiences stack up? Here is a look at its conclusions.

IT certifications beneficial for the business

Certifications improve worker’s performance, report found. IT staff and decision makers reported direct benefits of certifications, including work faster (44 %), having sought-after know-how within their organizations (39 %), implementing system competences (33 %) and deploying services and products more proficiently (23 %).

They benefit wallet also

According to new report, In Canada and US, IT certified staff earn nearly $8,400 more than non-certified counterparts — equal to 11.7 percent pay increase. For IT professionals, the difference is bit lower, at 8.9% or $9,200.

3 in 4 IT employees have certification

82% of IT workers have certifications, a report found, with each of those persons averaging about 3. Half of the respondents earn their most recent certifications within one last year.

Certification lead to more certifications

IT experts who are recently certified are more likely to be pursuing new certification. 70% of those who have certifications are engaged in a certification focused training, or have planning to do so in coming years. According to a comparison 48 percent persons who have to earn first certification; essentially, fewer than half of the persons who are not certified yet, have taken steps to change their status, even though there are many economic benefits to do so.

HP certification is big

This year, 36% of respondents report hold a HP certification — more than any other IT certification. Next are Microsoft certifications, which account for 31% of respondents; Cisco, cyber security or privacy certifications 26 % CompTIA 22%, and so on others. Most popular certification areas include: helpdesk, networking, application development, operating systems, database, servers, Linux, cloud, virtualization, and cyber security.

Further Benefits

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Better work piece, higher salaries, the proliferation of certification and business support in the workplace all point to the worth-while investment. With no sign of slowing down, it is a perfect opportunity to take benefit of these opportunities.

Why Sme’s Go Ahead For Outsourcing Payroll Services?

Small and medium sized enterprises are quite competitive where the amount of money and time spent matters a lot. For these organizations, it’s important to focus upon core competencies and let every operation of organization work well. In these circumstances, it would be a invaluable move for companies to outsource payroll services.

Reasons for SME’s to Outsource Payroll Services

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Strengthen Your Business: Indeed, payroll management is a complicated and time consuming deal. Companies which want their employees to focus more on activities that gives more value and profit then outsourcing the whole process free up their time.
Cost-Effective Option: Outsourcing payroll services will serve as a cost effective option as compared to hiring skilled in-house or part time professionals to do the job involved.
Legal Compliance: In every organization, there is a sheer number of legal requirements need to fulfilled regarding payrolls. And outsourcing these services will take the burden off and ensure that you handle all these requirements which will save your time and efforts.
Stress-Free Management: Managing payroll of employees is a responsible job which includes making payments, filing returns and many more activities every now and then so outsourcing these jobs will take the burden off from the shoulder of business owners.
Address Technical Issues Automatically: Outsourcing payroll services will simplify IT infrastructure of the organization. When you are taking care of payroll jobs in-house, questions may arise whether you have latest payroll software and tax sheets installed. With outsourcing, payroll partner see to it that all these technical complicacies are handled automatically without asking for direct involvement.
Expert Supervision: One should always go for the professionals who have years of experience in the domain of handling payroll jobs. Outsourced partner will facilitate you the level of expertise and knowledge without bearing the expense of hiring in-house skilled professionals.
Eliminates Dependency: When you hire a book-keeper, there will be chances that he or she will leave your company at some point which can take away all the skills, knowledge and experience your organization relies upon. Outsourcing the job will remove dependency on individual skills and knowledge.
However, if you have decided to go with payroll outsourcing services, it’s better to opt for a credible agency offering such kind of assistance and that too without breaking your bank. Prior to hiring the services, you must consider the feedbacks and testimonials given by former clients. It will let you figure out the quality of services being offered.

Free Government Funding – Second Career Training

Students can get a second chance at an amazing career with the Government of Ontario Second Career Grant and Evergreen College.

The Second Career grant gives up to $28,000 to people trying to get into the workforce again. It gives them the chance to retrain and acquire the certificate or diploma that is needed in today’s workplace. Best of all, it is a grant and not a loan so students never have to repay it.

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Applicants could be someone who has worked in an industry and suddenly laid off, or they could be a new mother who wasn’t able to return to her previous full-time employment. Anyone who has been laid off and has not been working or has been working a temporary job for less than 20 hours a week can apply. Even those receiving Employment Insurance (EI) on or after January 2005, can apply.

The grant can cover tuition fees (up to $10,000), books and manuals, transportation, Help caring for dependents, disability support to a basic living allowance (up to $410 a week). The grant takes away the financial stress that can come with retraining and allows students to focus on gaining the new skills they need to secure their future career.

The application requires information such as how long someone has been unemployed, places and positions they have applied for, their current skills and what skills they are wanting to gain and information on their financial situation.

For many students, the thought of applying to a training institution, let alone applying for a government grant, can be challenging. That is where Evergreen College is here to help.

Firstly, Evergreen College provides a complete range of training opportunities for its students. Evergreen College’s certificate and diploma programs are designed to fill real needs in today’s job market. Students are also guaranteed field placements and therefore guaranteed real-world work experience as part of their course. By choosing Evergreen College as their training provider, students are already on the road to success.

All of Evergreen College’s courses are approved by the Second Career scheme and students are guaranteed a field placement and 100% career service assistance.

Secondly, Evergreen College’s counsellors guide students every step of the way through the grant application process – all free of charge. Students can discuss their eligibility with a counsellor and find out more about the grant and the application process.

The certificate or diploma Evergreen College students get is more than a piece of paper. It represents the academic and life skills that recruiters are looking for. Students are that one step closer to achieving their second chance dreams.